Youth Horsemanship Program

Teaching Responsibility, Patience, & Life Skills Through a Relationship with Horses


Here at Fox Horsemanship we offer a Youth Horsemanship Program for children ages 8 and up.  The kids come by after school or on the weekend one day per week and participate in ranch activities, grooming and general horsemanship, and a riding lesson.  The children spend 3-6 hours at the ranch, depending on their age and skill level, including their lesson.

See our Forms & Information  page for Youth Horsemanship Application and Release of Liability forms.

Some of the activities that your child will be participating in:

• general horse care
• grooming & bathing
• help with mucking stalls
• sweeping aisles and general ranch cleaning
• safety and general horsemanship skills
• ground work
• cleaning tack
• and of course Riding Horses!

Youth Horsemanship Program (12 and up): $150 per month
Jr. Youth Horsemanship Program: $200 per month (ages 8-11)

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Why Fox Horsemanship?
We offer your child a chance to work with horses in a beautiful and supportive environment, where safety and fun learning are paramount. Our goal is to teach horsemanship skills that will encourage your child to embrace learning in a relaxed environment with patience and caring towards other creatures.  All of our horses are rescues, and all of the proceeds from the work exchange program go directly towards the horse rescue.

Why Every Child Should Experience Horses:

  • They teach responsibility
  • They improve self esteem
  • They build your immune system
  • They teach the value of money
  • They instill patience
  • They’re great at keeping secrets
  • They teach focus and ambition
  • They come with an in-built social life
  • They provide great exercise
  • They keep you out of trouble

Fox Equine Rescue & Rehab is a not for profit 501(c)3 Public Charity registered in the State of California.  Federal Tax ID# 47-5674251

Call or Text, Valerie Fox: 510-396-7067 or Jordan Fox 408-718-7006